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Q: Which psychic reading is best?

A: This depends on your issues. It is best to read the psychics abilities and strength to see if they have what you need.

Q: What is psychic love reading?

A: A Love Reading is when you wish to  see if you have the right partner or you maybe you are looking for a partner. Our Love readings will help you see if you have the partner of your dreams or is it about time to move on.

Q: What to do before psychic reading?

A: Often it is easier if you write your questions down beforehand. Try not to take any stimulants like Coffee,Alcohol and Tobacco since these substances can be felt by your reader. Pace the reading so that you can write down the answers to your questions. Don't be afraid to go straight in, but at the same time don't complicate the reading by bombarding to many questions. We also suggest that you record the reading if you have the means to do this.

Q: what does a psychic reading cost?

A: You can book a reading online which works out cheaper. We suggest the full reading for 1 hour with Steve which will cost £25. You can book a live reading with our other psychics who are online and this will cost 20 minutes for £25 payable via Credit or Debit Card. We do however try to warn about the premium rate numbers which cost £1.50 per minute plus your phone providers access charge. These can work out expensive if you are not careful to keep an eye on your reading time.  

Q: Why get a psychic reading?

A: In many cases you will not need a Psychic Reading because the answers are looking at you, however at times an opening or opportunity for you to seek some spiritual advice will be required. Life can cause many issues and you may just need the right spiritual help..even if that help does not happen directly, we can look at your path in general or look at a specific area. We can nearly always get you the answers, and when we don't you get a full refund. 

Q: can you get a psychic reading when pregnant?

A: In short YES but we do suggest if you have any health concerns consulting your GP is always a great idea.

Q: Can I have free psychic reading?

A: Yes Steve offers you a free 10 minutes when you book him via the booking page.

Q: Can you trust a psychic reading?

A: Many good and Professional Psychics have values and being honest but also being compassionate to you the customer is our main belief. The last thing we want is for you to feel your reading or time with us is fruitless. Yes you do get Psychics who take people for a ride. I would say trust in your inner awareness let this tell you if you are being told the truth. We at psychic4cast offer a guarantee, so if you feel the psychic reading is not happening for you, please email us directly with the time and date of your reading and also your concerns.   

Q: I don't live in the UK can I still have a reading?

A: Yes you can but consider the difference between currency. Our Head Psychic Steve offers all people the ability t have a reading with him. Just log into the booking platform and book in.