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Phone psychic and clairvoyant reading online by Professional Psychics, Mediums Clairvoyants and Tarot Card Readers

Our Phone Psychic Readings are the most popular method to have a personal psychic reading. Sign up today you will be able to have the option to view your psychic with our video psychic readings.

Psychic Reading by Video

You can now have a live phone psychic reading online and view the actual method used to obtain your results.

Not only can you view the psychic, you can also connect with video direct, so both customer and psychic can interact. This is especially useful if you have a photo or personal items which need to be psychically used during your reading. Or Maybe you just want to see the reading live as it unfolds. 

Clairvoyant Psychic Reading

Clairvoyant Psychic Readings Online by Psychic4cast Psychic Clairvoyants can also use the video reading to help connect to a  past over loved one. Mostly the video service is used when items are needed to be viewed by the psychic for a stronger connection. Items used range from Photos to Jewellery and even hand writing.

Clairvoyant’s have the ability to use psychic phenomena in a visual way, hence the ability to “See” during a reading. 

Running alongside the clairvoyant  are three like worded associates, these being as follows:-


  • Cairscentience, (Literally “clear feelings”,
  • Clairgustance (“clear smell”)
  • Clauraudience is the ability to “hear” information.

Gathering all the information from any of our phone psychic services can be quite hard to recall. Why not take the next step and purchase your psychic phone recording. It makes sense to listen in again to confirm what was foretold to you. Plus by purchasing your telephone psychic reading you can compare it to your current lifestyle.

Phone Psychic Reading

Psychic4cast can be seen as a truthful and understanding provider for live phone psychic readings online in the UK   The structure we operate from allows us to monitor all calls so that we can help maintain a trustworthy site by focusing on accurate readings.  Moreover it should be stated that we strive to provide the very best readers and psychic service available.

Phone reading can be great and helpful to many, but psychic4cast has a responsibility to provide a platform which ensures all readings are affordable and that customers are not overusing the site. In such instances we shall review any customer whom we feel needs to be given a “notice of use” This will be an email or text notification outlining the cost and any advice if necessary.

 A phone psychic reading can provide many answers and helpful directions ranging from matters of the heart to more complicated and personal concerns. Psychic4cast provides helpful and genuine psychic and clairvoyant readers to help gather information and answers to issues of:-

  • Love and relationships
  • Financial and Career
  • Family and Love
  • Education and Employment
  • Past over Loved ones

Many will find our platform constructive and affordable and this being the case we always welcome your comments. Email with any comments or recommendations. You can also send in your comments by contacting us page.

Recent Reviews


Loved my reading with Earth Angel . For most of the time I did not speak just listened. By the end of the 20 minutes, It was clear to me she is genuine.

Phone Psychic clairvoyant Readings online


Thank you so much for your reading and advice!!! I’ll think about this carefully

Clairvoyant reading online

I,m a first time caller with zero experience using a telephone psychic and my expectations were little.  I spoke to Molly (pin 4146) and she did some digging by asking questions, so when she gave me answers I was not that surprised since she kind off repeated them back.  However, she blow me away about 10 minutes into the reading with her accurate insight to my personal issues. To be honest it seemed impossible that she got the names of my past over loved ones, and not just this..she managed to get a great description of my loved and dearly departed. blown away by the full experience and the accuracy Molly gave me.  How is it possible I keep asking myself and temptation nearly got me calling back.  Molly you have a great gift…Thanks .

Reading was OK I guess. Had a poor connection, but found it manageable.
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Nice clairvoyant reading online with Tina today

clairvoyant reading online


Not my first phone psychic reading with Steven, but he is most certainly the best on here.  He always delivers with accuracy and has the best sense of humour which helps me. I highly recommend Steven. 

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