Text Psychic Reading Why Have One?


text psychic reading



Why Have a Text Reading?


text psychic reading

Text psychic readings are ideal for quick psychic answers delivered direct to your mobile device. SMS Psychics are a fast alternative to phone psychic readings and are accepted by many phone providers. Suitable for a psychic reading when cash is short because the messages are billed to your mobile at the standard psychic text rate plus your phone providers charge.

Drawbacks to Psychic SMS Readings

Whilst a text or sms psychic reading maybe used anywhere at anytime there are some drawbacks to the service. Some providers don’t allow premium rate sms and our service is monitored and controlled by phone regulations prevents question relating to

  • Gambling outcome
  • Sex of unborn child
  • Criminal proceeding outcome
  • Death Dates and Times
  • Pregnancy  in general
  • Illness reasons

Before sending your question, we kindly suggest you don’t ask about the topics from the list to avoid any uncomfortable reply’s. You maybe charged by your phone provider, so don’t ask questions from the list and save money.

text psychic readingProfessional Psychic Readings online includes our SMS Text Psychic Service. We are actually proud of the service  we offer and the credentials for all our professionals. Performers undergo several live psychic reading checks by customers and management to certify the accuracy of the psychic chat.

Text Reading Most Asked

  • Is my  Partner Cheating on me?
  • Can I ever be happy?
  • What is my future?
  • Will I find a job?
  • Can I find true love?
  • General Reading

Type Of Psychic Reply Used

  • Tarot Reader
  • Psychic
  • Clairvoyant Psychic
  • Psychic Medium
  • Tarot Reading
  • Psychic Reading

Insightful Readings

Having a Text Reading with natural born psychic can show how accurate and understanding our readers are. Make the most of the service by asking your innermost needed questions in a simple way.insightful text reading Maybe a short message asking about your LOVE  situation to open up the chat for example. Please bare in mind the cost and ask yourself if it’s easier to have a full psychic reading when considering the number text reply’s you may need. You can always text the word STOP to end any further messages or ignore any other messages sent.

To have a text psychic reading simple text the word STEPHEN to 78887 with your message.  You will get a message back asking you to Verify your name and age. The next text message will be from one of our gifted psychics.

Text cost £1.50 Message plus your phone provides cost.Maximum of 2 reply’s. You must be 18+ and the bill payer. You will get messages showing every £10 spent so you can keep a track of the cost. For help phone 03301140300

To summarise text readings are geared around psychic readings with question and answered by sms messaging Before asking for psychic assistance please consider the cost as this service is £1.50 per text plus phone providers charge. While we understand the need to seek professional advice this way, it maybe best to call a psychic and have a reading over the phone.

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