Customer Terms and Conditions


Psychic4cast is a platform on which Users can request advice from Psychic Professionals.

We Take our responsibility very seriously by providing some features other sites ignore.

  • Providing Affordable Reading Structures
  • Use of Third Party Helplines
  • Monitoring Users Online Presents

Please read the Terms of Use carefully. These Terms apply to your access and use of our website (collectively referred to as “Service”). Which includes information, text, graphics, photographs, or other materials that are downloaded or appear in the Service.

Before and by accessing or using the Service, you therefore agree to abide by all terms and conditions described in this Agreement. If you don’t agree with all these terms and conditions, you can’t use the Service. The terms “you” and “your” refer to an individual User of the Service. Likewise the terms “psychic(s)” and “reader(s)” refer to an Provider of the Service.

Terms Acceptable Use

By agreeing to the Terms of Use, and Privacy you acknowledge and warrant the following:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Accept readings are for entertainment purpose only.
  • The information provided during registration is true, accurate and complete, will up date information for the duration of the Agreement.
  • Not to purchase any product if it’s going to cause personal finical issues.
  • Restrict the number of readings if this is going to cause issues beyond the user’s control like an addiction.
  • Provide any necessary minimum information for the provision of the Services.
  • Not to use the Service for illegal purposes.
  • You undertake not to obstruct the operation of the Service using malicious software or in any other way that could damage the Service.
  • You agree here NOT to try obtaining information about other Users of the Service.
  • While exchanging files within the Service, you agree to independently check them for viruses.
  • Psychic4cast has the right to stop the exchange of any information between the participants of the Service and/or at any time remove any content uploaded by the User.

User rights

The user has the right to forbid Psychic4cast from processing his personal information for marketing purposes under our terms.

The user can request an update of his/her personal information. Users have the right to request all information about him/her stored on the servers of Psychic4cast to be deleted. In order to do this, he/she needs to contact Psychic4cast via email: together with full account details.

Fees and Payments

All interactions between Users and Advisers are generally paid through online channels. You agree to abide by the agreed pricing terms and pay all Psychic4cast fees for the Services, provided by Advisers.

You directly authorize the payment of all commissions for each transaction that occurs under your account.

Psychic4cast has the right to refuse to provide the service to the User, however, we will return the paid amount in any convenient way.


You agree that we may, at any time, usually review your personal information, in addition to, if necessary, the history of messages or callbacks (for example, to improve the quality of the Services provided or in case of any technical problems).

We have the right to disclose information about the User, however, this may include but not limited to the following list:

  • personal information,
  • contact information,
  • message history and/or callbacks.

The transfer of information about the User to third parties is possible if its disclosure is:

  • Necessary to comply with the legal process (for example, in the case of a trial).
  • Reduces the liability of Psychic4cast in the current trial.
  • Necessary to protect the rights and/or property of any person.
  • Necessary to prevent fraud or any other illegal behavior.

The User in brief is responsible for the confidentiality of the password used, login and the security of the account. The user is solely responsible for all actions performed under the account.

Modification and Termination of Services

Psychic4cast shall generally

  • Conduct any temporary and/or permanent changes to the work of the Service with or without notice to its Members. We are not liable to Users, Advisers, or any other third party.

Psychic4cast has the right to stop providing Services to the User at any time without giving reasons.

Terms Third-party websites

As a rule and If necessary, Psychic4cast can use third-party resources, however does not have the ability to control their work. The service may contain links to third-party resources, advertising, special offers or any other events / actions that are not owned or controlled by Psychic4cast.

In addition, the User releases Psychic4cast from responsibility for participation in promotions or any other events organized by third-party services, as well as for payment and delivery of any goods.

Using third-party services, in addition to the User agrees that Psychic4cast is not responsible for any loss or damage of any kind related to his interaction with third-party resources. However, in special circumstances, we may review personal requests. Therefore Here

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