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Tarot Card Readings at Psychic4castProfessional Tarot Card Readings Online by Professional Psychics. Live Tarot Card Predictions for the best results available online in 2020

Our esteemed Online Tarot Card Readings for 2020 are now available. Our Psychics  can use the power of Tarot Cards to predict your future in 2020. Call or Text our Professional Psychic Tarot Readings can focus on particular areas such as Love life, career, Travel etc.

Have a Direct Question?

Tarot Predictions can deliver the answer to a  specific question rather than using them for the most obvious,and popular reasons normally asked about. There are many Tarot Card designs, and although not one standouts as being the best it’s the readers preference that counts.  to get the answers to any specific question, it’s the professional reader who  possesses the ability to read them correctly.

Psychic4cast’s tarot professionals use the cards to open spiritual channels to bring in high energy frequencies.  These Frequencies maybe transferred to the customer whilst the  reading unfolds. In this case the customer will almost certainly feel the spiritual  source provided by the psychics spiritual guidance.

The Tarot Death Card.

Tarot Card reading Death CardIn every pack of Tarot Cards the most fear card is without a doubt the “Death Card”.  One explanation could be associating the word ‘death’ as an actual event to happen to the customer.

The skeletal image of the ‘Death Card’ is shown on horseback, skull of full Skeleton.  Either way it can strike fear when drawn. However it does not predict an actual Death or end of life, but rather the end of an episode or situation. for example, a relationship question reveals the ‘Death Card’, which may suggest the relationship coming to an end. 

So it’s unlikely the death card is a psychic death. Typically it implies an end, possibly of a relationship or interest, and therefore implies an increased sense of self-awareness.

 Avoid Free Tarot Card Readings

Free tarot card readings online are vastly being provided by apps or software which are programmed to show random cards. It will require your email for the explanation and thereafter your inbox will loaded up with junk. Before you know it you’re parting with money, and sometimes these are very large amounts.

Take Psychic4cast’s advice and think before parting with your name and email for site like this. We would not like it if you find yourself  parting with your money for a reading which is just a random card selector. Not all sites operate with this intention, just some, for this reason we encourage people to look at feedback for the site.

Head Psychic Steve Bullough will gladly offer a free tarot card reading to anyone. The Free Tarot Reading is for phone or email and is 100 percent totally free. Psychic Stephen Bullough will call many Counties provided the customer follows the rules and requirements.

Which Tarot Spread To Use?

The three card spreed is the most common spread with each card representing a different time in your life.: Card one is the past, card two is the present and card three being the future.

Our Professional Tarot Readers can provide many variations to help with specific questions and situations. Here are some of the popular spreads they use.


This is a 10 card spread which are based upon mathematics and the principle of Plato and  Pythagoras principle. Each card provides answers to the basic elements including  Ambitions, Strategies and Emotions.


Celtic Cross Spread

The most popular tarot card spread, the Celtic spread sheds light on many aspects in your life. Again with this spread there are many variations,, but the cards represent the same things.The current state of mind,  past events and concerns, future events , emotional state, external forces, hopes and desires.

Astrological spread

No questions are asked when this spread is requested. It works alongside the zodiac.

Relationship spread

This spread explores the relationships. There are 9 cards in the spread, representing how you view your partner, how he/she views you, your needs, his/her needs, state of the relationship, the path you want the relationship to follow, the future your partner wants, aspects of the relationship, and outcome of the question.

These are the main spreads our psychics can use, but also you can ask for single cards using our SMS readings


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