Psychic Remote Work

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We are looking for the best psychics

Psychic readers wanted to work from home to run a Psychic Business with our help.

Do you consider yourself as a truly gifted psychic than working from home as your own boss? Not only can you earn money by joining our professional platform, but you can also increase your business worth by joining. Soon you will be accepting live calls and making your psychic business grow with our help.

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Applicants must have experience using their psychic abilities and be willing to use our psychic platform as a way forward. Once you have been fully accepted we will welcome you onboard by helping to generate a healthy psychic business.

We're a unique provider with vast knowledge on how to be successful within your own comfort zone as a psychic provider. Step into our world and enjoy the full benefits of running your own business alongside some of the industry's best.     If you want to join us and help others using the skills you have fill in the application today.

Working From Home The Steps

  • The first step is to sign up here and confirm your email application.
  • Secondly, we will contact you for a chat about our product
  • Proof of ID will be required

After Pre-Checks

  • 3 test readings at agreed times

To verify your suitability it's requested that a minimum of 3 interval readings. These are from real customers who will send us feedback. We will also be monitoring the call from our side, and make you aware of any findings afterward.

  • Contract Agreement and Tax Forms

Being your own boss does not mean keeping all the money (if only). We will forward Taxation Forms which you must return

  • Online Account Active

Finally, the account will go live after 24 hours after receiving and checking the Tax forms. In the meantime familiarise yourself with the back office and our system. Maybe do some housekeeping such as, completing your profile and adding any relevant videos. As a rule, we say try not to overload the introduction. More useful information on how to build a must-have psychic profile for successful applicants.   Working from home can indeed be a great opportunity, but still, your business needs to be taken seriously and for this reason, we are only accepting professionals who are serious about making the business work.