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Psychic Chat Free

Psychic chat free readings is considered to be one of the  best methods for  anyone seeking Psychic readings.  It;s based on chat style or messaging system, in which seekers from all over the globe can find that perfect Psychic or Spiritual advisors online.

Connecting with a trusted Psychic is no longer a time consuming task. With Psychic4cast you can expect a quick connection no matter your location. Chat Psychics are available online or by phone, and come with our unique guarantee, that no other Psychic website provides.

Free Psychic Chat

let’s get you started with a Free Psychic Chat reading. Select a Delivery method.

  • First login or create a new account (This is also free).
  • Select a Psychic to view their profile page.  
  • If the Psychic meets your requirements, click on the chat button to start your Free Psychic Chat Readings.

What To Expect

Psychic4cast understands that not all readings can be perfect, We want all our customers to have a reading which follows our satisfactory measures.

Psychic Reading Free Online

Our Psychic Chat Free Readings are compatible with all our online Psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants and Tarot card experts.  This means that your free Psychic Chat is not restricted to one Psychic. 

Each advisors will provide 5 minutes of their time totally free from any cost, so they can gain fast, accurate insights for your situations or questions asked.

Chat Psychic Free Readings

Multiple Free Chat Readings

If you don’t find answers from your first reading, then all is not lost! You can move on to another advisor, since our free 5 minute can be used on all our advisors.

Free Minutes Used!

So you have now used your free minutes, what next?  Well you can either top up your balance by adding affordable funds, or you can use our free Psychic service to the maximum.

Getting More Free Readings

Did you know that it is possible to get more free minutes?  It’s true. Just login to your account and head over to the “Compose a Message” to request more free minutes from your favorite Psychic reader. 


Its down to each advisor if they agree to send you more minutes. If they agree then you can use these for the advisor who initially provided the minutes.  The minutes can then be use for free Psychic chat readings online anytime whilst a member of our Psychic website.

Not Just Online Psychics

Psychic4cast offers unique advisors who are gifted in many areas.  Selecting the right Psychic who offers readings is a key element for a successful experience.

Many online and phone Psychics have a genuine gift which may include the ability to connect with a spirit guide or Angel.  They can also use tools like, Tarot cards, Runes, Crystals, and Earthly elements to call upon when seeking answers or direction for your concerns.

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