Privacy policy

psychic4cast avatar privacyPsychic4cast takes your privacy very seriously, respecting the confidentiality and integrity of any information that you provide us. Please review our following Privacy Policy and our Terms.

Privacy Policy Were We Stand.

Each user has the right to confidentiality of personal information. Therefore we collect the minimum amount of personal data required to provide the Our Psychic Services.

Personal data includes:

  1. Username;
  2. Residential address;
  3. Billing information;
  4. Date of Birth;
  5. E-mail address;
  6. Any information with which you can identify the user.

This document provides information about what data we collect, how and for what purpose we do it. It also provides information on the rights of the User and his personal data management capabilities.

Any questions about your rights or the methods we use, you can write to our Support Team at

Privacy guidelines for the work of Psychic4cast

We Provide a site where Users can ask their question to the Advisers. Psychic4cast allows the Client to communicate directly with the Adviser and pay for his services using electronic payment systems.

Information we collect

Psychic4cast collects 2 types of information: personal and automatic. We use all obtained data to ensure maximum usability of our Services.

All received personal data from the User directly during the registration process, filling out contact forms and communicating with technical support service specialists. These include:

  1. Personal information: first name, last name, email, gender, date of birth.
  2. Payment information: the last digits of the bank card number, its type, expiration date, first and last name of the cardholder, billing id, country in which the card was issued, state / province, city, address, postal code.
  3. Location details: time zone, country, country, region / state, city, street, postal code.
  4. Any additional personal information that the User deems necessary to provide, for example, medical information about the state of physical and / or mental health, information about sexual orientation, political views, etc.
  5. Psychics and Consultants must also provide tax information upon registration.

Automatically collected information that is not provided by the user personally includes data from devices: device ID, device type, device operating system, token for sending push-notifications, browser ID, browser type, IP address, number of page views, time spent on each page, cookie-files data.

Please note that in order to improve our service, we can record your consultation sessions in order to evaluate the quality of the services provided, namely:

  1. Message history;
  2. Callback history.

How do we collect information

Directly from the User during the registration process and filling out contact forms.

Analysing the history of chats, phone calls, calls to technical support and requests on the website and / or on the social network pages of Psychic4cast in order to improve the quality of the services provided

Additional information about Clients can come from third parties, for example, when registering with the help of Facebook or via partner’s referral link, as well as from public databases. The information obtained about other persons is used exclusively for the purposes of which it was provided.

If you register on the Psychic4cast website as an Psychic, we may use a third party to verify your credentials, including the appropriate licenses and certificates. At the same time, the information received from third parties is subject to the privacy policy.