Fortune Teller Or Psychic?

Fortune Teller Psychic Readings whats the difference?

If you’ve have had the opportunity to visit the seaside maybe you happen to stroll upon a small cabin or store front typically showing  a Crystal Ball.  You maybe curious to see what your future holds, so you step inside and listen to your future as it’s foretold by the fortune teller.

Fortune Teller Psychic Readings

The general tools use are  Crystal Ball, and Tarot Cards, Palm Reading but on some case the Fortune Teller will read Tea Leaves and it’s these elements that are closely associated with the fortune teller.

Fortune Teller Psychic Readings Both Fortune Tellers and Psychics can predict the future with psychic’s focusing on direct issues and your past, unlike fortune tellers who will focus your future path. 

Psychic readers don’t normally use Palm Reading or Tea Leaves Readings to provide results. Psychic readers call upon the energy from guides who are able to send images and messages direct to third eye.  Translating the images and messages back to the customer is a delicate matter for the Psychic.  Many psychics can generate energy to deliver healing properties which maybe used to help the customer regain balance or focus.

Today’s online community brings an added bonus to both Fortune Teller and Psychic Readings due to the internet.  It’s now possible to have a live reading via Phone, Email, SMS and Video. The energies used to deliver our internet is more or less tapped into by fortune teller and psychics alike. 

Teller Or Psychic

You have a brief description for both mystics, so which one is right for you?  Could it be that you have issues about Love or Relationships? Then either would can be used, since both use Tarot Cards  But what if you have complicated issues, what then? 

if you have issues which are complicated use a Psychic because they can draw in energy from spiritual guides to assist.

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