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There’s nothing uncommon about on-again, off-again relationships. A lot of people find themselves caught in the cycle of a hot and cold love affair. One day you’re madly in love and the next, you’re just mad and calling it quits, only to find your way back to each other just hours, days or weeks later. It’s hard to permanently let go of someone we have deep feelings for, and it’s just as difficult to find a way to make it work. Yet, the yo-yo relationship takes its toll not only on the connection between you but on your own wellbeing and mental health

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Sometimes relationships are hot and cold from the start. You meet, sparks fly and you spend a few weeks in constant contact. Then they get distant. They cancel plans. They don’t return calls or texts. You’re hurt, frustrated, confused and ready to grieve the relationship when they suddenly reappear, usually with a heartfelt apology and an explanation that sounds genuine—family drama, personal problems, fear of commitment. You accept them back into your life and your heart, but their inability to commit persists andyo-yoing continues.


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