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 Peace of Mind Guarantee With Our Readers

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Have a Live Reading with Peace of Mind

We offer our Peace of Mind Guarantee to help people understand that not always are the readers going to find a connection. This is why all our Live Psychic undergo regular checks and test to make sure that all the readers are in compliance with our rules and regulations, and off course this in tern reflects upon our service.  So in order to please all including our readers and customers, we have formed a policy that covers customers and ensure that our team of live psychics understand about giving satisfactory service, but at the same time, employing honesty throughout the reading, which is one of the key fundimentals of our Peace of Mind Guarantee

We're confident of our readers' abilities. However there are occasions were a connection can not be given. Psychic4cast  appreciate that not everyone will connect with their chosen psychic. In instances such as these, we're happy to offer all our customers The Psychic4cast Peace Of Mind Guarantee. No tricks, no hassle. All we ask is that you terminate your pre-paid call within the first 5 mins and complete the form below within 5 days.


What Happens Next

Once you have agreed with the terms and conditions one of our representatives will look at your refund and undertake all the necessary  checks so you can  receive a full refund according to our terms and conditions for the Peace Of Mind  Guarantee.


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