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1 question shootout is a product which helps you find the answers without over spending on you budget.  This affordale solution can be used for less complicated spiritual issues which would only require a simple text or email reply.

You can ask about your current relationship for example, maybe you have a feeling something is not right and just want to get a spiritual confirmation or  it could be about Employment the question can be gained via Steve methods he pulls in from your energy lines.

At no time during your reading will any computerised or automated system be used because Steve will be doing your reading personally.  No fake or pre-written outcomes; Steve will conduct a reading as normal, but with the difference being your answers will come in short format to either your mobile or email address.

To get started 

Simply ask a question…then Shoot the question over to our Psychic by buying a Bullet !
You will get the answer back to your email or by Text (please also check your spam) If you wish to ask more question, just re-load. and FIRE AWAY!  Reply cost £1.50 per Bullet and have a maximum of two messages per reply.


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